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Excavation and Lot Clearing in Birmingham, AL

Comprehensive Excavation and Lot Clearing in Birmingham, AL

Preparing your land for development doesn’t have to have a negative impact on the environment. At EnviroCare Mulching & Land Clearing, LLC, we specialize in providing green excavation and lot clearing in Birmingham, AL, ensuring developers can make the most out of their land with the least impact. We aim to strike a balance for landowners, giving you the beautiful space you want while maintaining a sustainable environment.

Furthermore, at our company, we only ever take on one project at a time, ensuring that we give your development the full attention it needs. Plus, we also offer 24/7 emergency lot clearing services to help clean up your property following a storm or other disaster. So whether you need to remove trees or clear away stumps, trust our team to take care of the work in an eco-friendly manner.

About Our Owner

Charles McKenna has extensive training and experience in the land clearing industry from his time working at Mako Forestry and leading our team. As a lifelong hunter, he truly respects the land and has a strong knowledge of local flora. He was also raised on a farm, which is why he takes great pride in protecting Mother Nature as much as possible while also working with her to create the perfect spaces for all of his clients. 

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